AR / VR Study – Consumer Ranked Use Cases

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Accenture AR VR Consumer Study

It’s an exciting year to be in AR as prominent studies are now declaring 2018 a boom year for the Augmented Reality industry. Mobile devices are now ready for more powerful AR experiences and according to this Harris Interactive Digital Consumer Survey for Accenture, consumers are excited and ready for new AR and VR experiences.

Listed below are a few Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality use cases and their respective intersest levels according to the survey:

  • 67% — Learning more about a place they are visiting
  • 67% — Want to learn new skills or techniques
  • 61% — To visualize how clothes might fit
  • 58% — To view 3D manuals
  • 54% — Want to shop for household items and furniture
  • 47% — To play games

The study comprised a survey of 21,000 consumers in 19 countries. You can read some more important stats and information from this study here.