Augmented Reality & The Sales Process (Data)

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In the past we’ve shared the data we’ve collected on our augmented reality work.  But we truly love it when others in the industry share their findings as well.  Below, you’ll find data from a study that the folks over at Hidden Creative conducted on Augmented Reality and the Sales Process.  I’ll let their information below speak for itself, but I’d love to get your thoughts in the comments…

From Hidden’s Blog:

The Methodology

100 people were shown a display advert for a child’s toy, while another 100 people were shown the child’s toy as an interactive augmented reality experience. Each person was then asked two questions:

    • Would you consider buying this toy for a child?
    • How much would you consider paying for the toy?

The duration of engagement the audience had with each format was also monitored.  Let’s look at the headline figures:

Likelihood to buy

After viewing the 2D printed display advert, out of 100 parents, 45% would consider buying the toy for a child. Out of those who viewed the augmented reality experience, 74% of the parents would consider buying the toy for a child.  What we found even more intriguing was the price point at which the parents were prepared to make the purchase.