CMO’s Select Augmented Reality As Future Trend For Marketing

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Future Trends Impacting Marketing By 2020 Survey

MarketingCharts just released interesting results from an Economist survey of top marketers. PDF of the study is here.  One of the areas of the study asked marketers to select future trends that would affect marketing by 2020.  Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality were selected by 26% of CMO’s and Senior Marketers surveyed as their Top 2 future trends.  We’re going to assume that this survey was taken before most CMO’s and Senior Marketers had exposure to the latest Augmented Reality tech, Hololens.

Augmented Reality, at it’s core, also matches up well with another important result from the survey:

  • [Marketing is] less likely to be measured in terms of customer acquisition and more
    so in terms of customer engagement and revenue impact

This is important because marketer’s expectations are in alignment with how Augmented Reality is best used – to provide an engaging experience for the consumer to facilitate a conversion (i.e. purchase).

As we’ve outlined in previous posts, Augmented Reality had a banner year in 2014 and is poised for even greater things in 2015. With next generation devices like Kinect 2 and Project Tango in the hands of developers, we’ll continue to see an increase in Augmented Reality experiences that are focused on utility and engagement for the consumer.  This bodes well for both Augmented Reality and it’s continued adoption for innovative marketing experiences.