Data On Advanced Product Viewing Features

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This morning I read three articles on that contained some pretty interesting info, so I thought I would share. All the articles pointed to the success online retailers are having with advanced product viewing features (e.g. zooming, 360-degree spins, etc.).

This probably won’t shock many of you, but we see Augmented Reality Ecommerce Applications (like our Webcam Social Shopper) as the next step in advanced online product visualization, so third party data like what’s noted below is fantastic to see.

Article 1: Rotating images generate higher conversion for

  • “360-degree spin images convert 27% higher than standard photos.”
  • “Our shoppers want to see every detail and look at a particular item from every angle before making a purchase,” says DiPadova. “A rotating image provides that detail and this feature really improved the conversion rate on many of our merchandising pages.”

Article 2: Against Nudity hopes shoppers linger longer with 360-degree images

  • “However, buying clothing is much more personal, which means it requires more product information, Moreau says.”
  • “Investing in the technology to produce 360-degree images might cost between $15,000 and $20,000, Moreau estimates. Ongoing costs are not prohibitive, he says, adding it costs Against Nudity about $40 to create each 360-degree image and get it online.”

Article 3: Businesses say rich media helps lure shoppers

  • “When web marketers were asked in a new survey what marketing techniques were most effective at luring consumers more noted multimedia product viewing.”
  • “The Adobe Systems Inc. report, “Adobe Scene7 2011 Survey: Digital Marketing in the Next Decade,” found that 39% of marketers said multimedia product viewing was “very effective.” That result marked the third year in a row that a rich media-related method topped the list.”