eMarketer Predicts Augmented Reality Will Drive Ecommerce Growth

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Yesterday I participated in an eMarketer webinar on “The Future of US Retail Ecommerce” and I wanted to draw your attention to one of their predictions: Ecommerce will outperform in-store sales over the next few years.  And according to eMarketer, one of the factors driving that growth is Augmented Reality, which they label as a “sophisticated merchandising technique”.  Of course as some of you may know, here at Zugara we’re just “a touch bullish” on Augmented Reality’s role in e-commerce’s future.  But it’s always great to see that sort of 3rd party validation.

As usual, eMarketer provided a ton of great data, here are a few more points that I found interesting (I’ve embedded their entire presentation below though, should you wish to spend some time with it):

• Women account for 71% of the total dollar amount spent on online Apparel, Jewelry and Accessories.
• 87.5% of internet users shop online.
• 83% of online shoppers, are buyers.  The #1 item holding people back from buying is the desire to see and touch.