Gen Y And The Technology They Use For Their In-Store Shopping Experience

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A recent infographic from Merchant Warehouse has some interesting data regarding Millennials (Gen Y) and various technology they are using for online, mobile and in-store retail channels.  One particular stat for this Gen Y demographic stood out – 73% of the Millennial demographic purchase clothes in-store.  

In a previous blog post, we covered a recent Motorola Shopping Study that had a breakdown of technologies Gen Y rated as having an influence on their in-store shopping experience.  The graphic from that post is below.

Motorola Shopping Study - Technology That Influences Shopping Experience - Shopper Survey Results

It’s not surprising that Gen Y is more apt to use technology to augment their shopping experience. What is surprising is how slow retailers have been to adapt to this growing demographic.  While retailers have been focused on increasing their presence on social media channels and platforms, they’ve been neglecting technology investments in-store that could better integrate and interact with the more qualified buyer.

The Merchant Warehouse infographic is embedded below…

Retailers, Millennials, and Omni-Channel Shopping - Infographic | Merchant Warehouse