Hungry Jack’s Mobile Augmented Reality Game

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Hungry Jack's Protect Your Whopper Mobile Augmented Reality Game Promo Image

Hungry Jack’s in Australia recently released a fun and innovative mobile augmented reality game for its fast food customers.  Working with UserXMetrics and BBDO, Zugara helped to create this location-based augmented reality game experience.  More on the game from UserX below:

Users are challenged to protect their Whopper from the attacking ‘Whopper-hungry’ NomNoms by throwing fries into their mouths to keep them at bay or hurling chicken nugget grenades to watch them explode. High scores can then be uploaded to FB to share with friends. The Top 10 leaderboard players will also win additional prizes.

Real and augmented worlds are seamlessly blended using Geolocational AR. And as the app doesn’t rely on the smartphone needing to be aimed at an in-store (POS) marker/target the user can also venture out into the nearby streets thanks to this tech. The game was created as a module to exist with Hungry Jack’s current “Shake To Win” app.

Although to-date there has only been a soft-launch without any supporting in-store, online or mainstream media the results are already pleasing. There have been 25,000+ game plays with 15,000 unique players since the 17th Dec app update – purely organic from within the Shake & Win app and social media.

Additional game screens can be found below.  You can also view additional examples of Zugara mobile augmented reality applications here.

HJ_resized_tutorial2 HJ_tutorial_badge HJ_resized_gameplay Hungry Jack's Mobile Augmented Reality Game - Tutorial Screen One