Kinect Game Platform For Experiential Marketing

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Verizon Augmented Reality And Motion Capture Game

Avoid and Capture Game Event Example – Verizon

Zugara now has our popular Avoid and Capture game platform available with Kinect for experiential marketing.  The Avoid and Capture game platform combines the best features of motion capture, gesture interaction and augmented reality for a unique and fun gameplay experience. Avoid and Capture gameplay includes a fast-paced “avoid” bad items and “capture” good items engine that challenges players to use motions and gestures to build their score.  An example of Avoid and Capture gameplay is featured below:

Toyota Prius Augmented Reality Game

Avoid and Capture Game Web Example – Prius

The Avoid and Capture game platform now includes features such as:

  • Game page templates for corporate brand placement
  • Customizable game speed and timer
  • In-game customizable graphics and animations
  • Leaderboard for high score entry
  • Player photo capture
  • Social sharing with Facebook and Twitter
  • Web-based admin system for use on laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Capture event attendee and player information for CRM and other marketing opportunities

Compatible with regular webcams or Kinect, the Avoid and Capture game platform can be used for experiential marketing on the web or with kiosk displays at events.  The addicting gameplay lends itself to a variety of opportunities for web or event use:

For events:

  • Increase engagement and awareness of your company with a unique booth experience
  • Leverage contest or promotional efforts based on winning via high score or random gameplay
  • Utilize the admin system to capture a variety of attendee information

For the web:

  • Create a branded interactive game experience for your website or campaign
  • Increase engagement and CTR rate.  Prius created a customized Avoid and Capture game that saw an average time spent of 80 seconds and CTR of 77%. More info here.

Verizon, Prius and other brands have utilized the Avoid and Capture gameplay for their web and experiential marketing efforts.  You can view the gallery below for customized Avoid and Capture game examples and view our other motion capture and augmented reality game examples here.  For pricing, software and hardware questions or general questions on any Zugara software, please Contact Us.