Pokémon Go Players Want More Augmented Reality (SURVEY)

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Pokemon Go Augmented Reality

In a previous blog post, we looked at the different areas that contributed to the success of Pokémon Go including the Pokémon brand, geolocation and Augmented Reality. Now a recent survey by Vasona Networks shows that most Pokémon Go players want more Augmented Reality.

According to the survey of Pokémon Go players:

  • 23% say the most exciting part of the game is playing outside, while an additional 17% cite the AR aspect as most exciting;
  • 69% plan to play future versions of the game, while 24% are unsure of future usage; and
  • 67% play at least a few times per week, of which more than 33% play daily.

The future Pokémon Go features that survey respondents said they were most hopeful for would cause the app to have a more significant data impact. When asked which one feature they most look forward to:

  • 39% said map overlays;
  • 26% said real-time syncing to see location and progress of friends;
  • 21% said characters that can react to player actions;
  • 9% said in-game video chat; and
  • 6% said to be able to live stream game commentary.

There are other interesting responses from the survey that can be found here.