Samsung, Nordstrom and Zugara Debut Virtual Style Sense Technology at NRF’s Big Show

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Zugara’s 2014 started off with a bang with the recent debut of our new in-store virtual dressing room technology called Virtual Style Sense (VSS).  Partnering with Samsung and Nordstrom, Zugara showcased VSS Virtual Dressing Room technology at the recent National Retail Federation conference in New York.  In short, VSS was a huge hit both in the Samsung booth and with attending retailers. You can read more about the event through Samsung’s peress release here.


We created VSS to help improve the in-store retail experience for shoppers while also allowing retailers to leverage online style analytics for their physical inventory.

Utilizing the Kinect, VSS allows shoppers to digitally change the color and style of physical clothes they are wearing.  VSS is also now integrated with the Samsung Galaxy tablet and Samsung 75″ ME Series display.  The tablet is used as the POS (Point of Sale) system for social sharing, add to cart and checkout functionality.  The display is used as a ‘magic mirror’ the that shopper controls via gestures and voice.

For retailers, VSS allows for the tracking of product interaction within their store.  Retailers will now have data that helps them determine what products are interacted with but not purchased, what items might require pricing adjustments, and even the ability to change prices in real-time for certain shoppers.  The best part? VSS works with a retailer’s current inventory so there are no assets for them to create.  Retailers can now also reduce the amount of physical inventory they carry as they can show all variations of their items digitally (and virtually).

You can view an initial demonstration video of VSS at NRF here.  Images from the event are below.

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