Two Reasons We’re Not On The HTML5 Bandwagon

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Much is written about HTML5 being the savior of interactive production. And one day, it may be. But the fact is that that day is not today.

To be clear, we don’t have any loyalties or ties when it comes to the technology we use – we’re not tied to any proprietary platform or the like. Our goal as an augmented reality software developer is simple: Build an amazing, easy to use experience for both our clients and their shoppers. And the fact is that today, and for the foreseeable future, that means developing in Flash. Here are two key reasons why we’re not currently on the HTML5 bandwagon:

  1. No Official Webcam Support – Obviously, the camera is a key component for any augmented reality experience.
  2. No Digital Rights Management Support – Do you want people to steal your content/code? We don’t.

Now, I’m confident that as the technology/market matures these issues will be worked out, but we’re talking a few years out from now, not today. And that’s where our focus lies, in creating experiences that work today (for as many people as possible).

What about your experiences? Are you developing in HTML5, or are you waiting too?