At Zugara, our mission is simple and straightforward. We create software for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality devices and platforms that is focused on solving user interaction or industry specific problems. Too often, both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality companies have focused on developing cool technology that does not, in its basic form, solve an issue or advance an industry specific use case. At Zugara, we believe that any technology should have a core purpose to make technology go beyond simple engagement to maximize a conversion.


Zugara first starting developing Augmented Reality software solutions for the retail vertical. Though our initial focus was on utilizing Augmented Reality to maximize conversions for ecommerce, we soon saw how Augmented Reality would affect the entire purchase funnel for omnichannel commerce. In our view, Augmented Reality software enhanced with different Natural User Interface elements such as gestures or biometric interaction, has the potential to provide solutions and data to companies that was never before possible. We created a graphic below that shows all the different areas in the retail purchase funnel that can leverage Augmented Reality technology for better engagement, data aggregation and conversion potential.

Augmented Reality - Retail Purchase Funnel

Though Zugara has a patented and industry leading virtual dressing room platform for ecommerce and in-store retail, virtual dressing room technology is only one tactic to be deployed in an overall augmented reality retail strategy. Our mission with respect to Augmented Reality retail is to maximize a conversion at every aspect of the purchase funnel. While virtual dressing room technology can assist with the trial and conversion aspects of the purchase funnel, augmented reality technology utilizing mobile geolocation and geofencing can help drive discovery and conversion.

You can read more about our view on Augmented Reality for retail here and also view more information on our Virtual Dressing Room platform below.

WSS For Web

WSS For Kiosks
WSS For Kiosks

Virtual Style Sense
VSS For In-Store Retail

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Our Virtual Dressing Room platform has many integrated technologies, and as a result, we often create software engines or SDK’s that can be used for unique Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality use cases. As an example, while incorporating more advanced gestural control into our Virtual Dressing Room platform, we created a gesture recognition engine called IVO to control and manipulate 3D virtual objects in an Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality environment. IVO is an example of how gestures and 3D virtual object interaction can be used for interactive educational purposes.

We also have other technologies such as ZugSTAR that were developed as a proof of concept for both retail and medical industries to show how Augmented Reality and Video Conferencing can be integrated for shared and collaborative experiences. On the mobile Augmented Reality side, we have developed engines for both mobile augmented reality gaming and mobile augmented reality content that can utilize geolocation and geofencing. We also have a recent iOS Facial Recognition Engine that was developed to detect multiple facial expressions and overlay Augmented Reality content. We often work with leading global companies on everything from proof of concept technology based on our engines to custom projects that might integrate multiple technologies.

You can view more information on the different engines Zugara has created for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Video Conferencing below.

IVO Gesture Engine
IVO Gesture Engine

Mobile AR Game Engine
Mobile AR Game Engine

Facial Recognition Engine
Facial Recognition Engine

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The Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality software market is growing and there will be many different industry sectors within both Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality ecosystems for companies to focus on. At Zugara, we look at how different technologies can be integrated with Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality software to create new and innovative use cases. This was the initial impetus for the creation of our IVO gesture engine – how certain educational applications could be developed where interacting and viewing 3D objects in your physical space would increase engagement and retention.  Other use case examples include targeting a mobile shopper in-store by integrating Beacon technology with virtual dressing room displays and creating collaborative and shared Augmented Reality experiences between multiple video chat participants.

Zugara and PayPal Demo Beacon enabled Mobile Payments

Zugara’s Vision For Collaborative Augmented Reality Video Conferencing


Zugara takes pride in being a leading innovator in Augmented Reality software. Though our recent technologies are developed for both the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality software space, we tend to focus more on the Augmented Reality ecosystem given it’s impending impact on enterprise verticals.  While we do create software or applications for Virtual Reality, we typically look beyond creation of 360 degree Virtual Reality videos. We have been a leader in this space because our DNA is based on strategic thinking and how Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and even Mixed Reality should be utilized to solve a problem or maximize a conversion.

On the technical front, our team is led by PhD’s in Computer Science and Physics.  Our developers are computer vision experts and have years of experience working with depth sensing, 3D cameras such as Kinect 2 and Intel RealSense.  On the device side, Zugara was recently selected as an initial HoloLens developer and we are developing mobile solutions for 3D camera based devices such as Project Tango.

We have key patents in the Augmented Reality space that cover our technology today and in the future. Our IP portfolio is growing ever day as we continue to protect our innovations that will power the future of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality software.

We hope as you review our site, you’ll have a better understanding of our technology and products and the passion behind them. Please contact us for any questions, inquiries or even just to say “Hi.”

The Zugara Team