Zugara Streaming Augmented Reality Engine (ZugSTAR)

ZugSTAR is a technology that allows people in different locations to have shared Augmented Reality video conferencing experiences from within their video feeds. ZugSTAR is a video conferencing system similar to Skype, but with the added functionality of being able to see one another’s “augmented” experience in real time.

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ZugSTAR Augmented Reality Video Conferencing Features:


ZugSTAR allows for the synchronization of virtual objects and video feeds between multiple participants. When virtual objects, or AR objects, are synchronized within the video feed, people can manipulate and interact with those objects remotely.


A limited version of ZugSTAR was first incorporated into our Webcam Social Shopper product. This allowed a model in NY and a model in LA to both have a shared shopping session while viewing the virtual garments the other person was trying on in real-time.


We are currently working on an expanded platform version of ZugSTAR that will allow for different features including:
• Synchronization of virtual objects in 3D space
• Ability to manipulate and interact with synchronized video streams and virtual objects
• CMS feature for uploading of virtual objects including 3D objects, video and more


Our recent IVO gesture engine shows how 3D virtual objects can be manipulated within a 3D space. ZugSTAR would allow for connection to the IVO environment so multiple people could interact with those same objects as the initial operator.


ZugSTAR will be available for PC, smartphones, and tablets. We are also working to support devices like HoloLens, HTC Vive, and Oculus.


ZugSTAR is based on 2 simple features – use of a 2D/3D camera device for spatial mapping of area and virtual objects and the synchronization of the video feed and virtual object feed. As a result, any Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality environment that supports these features is already ZugSTAR ready!


If you haven’t viewed the ZugSTAR prototype video above, you can view that here. ZugSTAR was designed to support various use cases including:
• EDUCATION (DISTANCE LEARNING): A science teacher can field questions and twist and turn a DNA helix as he/she explains their answers.
• MEDICINE: 3D models of an fMRI will allow a Dr. to either consult with other Dr.’s, or explain the test’s results directly to a patient.
• PUBLISHING: Augmented Reality Pop-Up Books can enable a parent that’s on the road to help their child to learn how to read.
• PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: A 3D model (e.g. of a shoe or a building being developed) can be shared, and discussed, with colleagues, clients, vendors, and partners.
• CASUAL GAMING: Augmented Reality based casual games can now be multiplayer.


Orange Silicon Valley used the initial ZugSTAR prototype in a medical use case called DocPal. DocPal allowed a doctor and patient to connect through the ZugSTAR interface and view augmented reality content. You can view more info here.


We will be releasing an updated version of ZugSTAR in the near future. Please contact us if you would like more information.


ZugSTAR technology is currently patent pending.

ZugSTAR Augmented Reality Video Conferencing Gallery:

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