Retailers now have the opportunity to optimize their business through omnichannel commerce.  With that opportunity, however, comes challenges as individual retail channels have inherent strengths and weaknesses.   Though underlying technology such as social media can help provide one bridge between these retail channels, shopper behavior and tendencies are unique to each respective channel.  This is where analytics and data become most important – to make sense of the individual data characteristics of shoppers between each channel and how best to use new technologies for conversions.

At Zugara we understand retail, and more importantly, we understand shopper behavior.  Our Virtual Dressing Room technologies are developed from an analytical mindset.  We never put the technology first.  Rather, we look at how Virtual Dressing Room technology can be best utilized to help solve a problem.  Generally, this problem for retailers deals with increasing sales or conversions.  Different tactics often need to be used to engage shoppers in an online, mobile, event or in-store environment.


As you browse our products, you’ll see how each product has been developed to address specific problems per retail channel. These products also come with specific features that help maximize engagement per channel:

  • Our Webcam Social Shopper for Web software allows online shoppers to try on items virtually through their webcam.
  • Our WSS For Kiosks software integrates a Kiosk and tablet to maximize CRM opportunities at events.
  • Our Virtual Style Sense (VSS) software now allows retailers to track product interaction in-store. Tablet integration also offers Point-of-Sale functionality.

Our mission is to maximize conversions in each channel through use of Augmented Reality and The Natural User Interface.  AR combined with gestures, voice and other natural user face elements, provides just more than innovative engagement.  This combination of technologies helps to provide responsive data that retailers can now use to better optimize and increase conversions in their specific commerce channel.

WSS For Web
WSS For Kiosks
WSS For Kiosks
Virtual Style Sense
VSS For In-Store Retail

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As we continue to evolve our Virtual Dressing Room technology, we also look at how other technologies will evolve and enhance the Virtual Dressing Room experience.  For instance, what if you could enter a retail environment, select items virtually and pay with the wave of our hand?  This was a recent customization of our software we did with PayPal to show how Beacon would allow for mobile payments integrated into a Virtual Dressing Room experience.  Or, how will social media evolve to connect multiple shoppers across different retail channels for a unified shopping experience?  Our vision for this evolution of social shopping is through our ZugSTAR Augmented Reality Video Conferencing platform.   Zugara is always thinking about the future of retail and developing those applications today.

Zugara and PayPal Demo Beacon enabled Mobile Payments
Zugara’s Vision of a Shared Real-Time Virtual Shopping Experience


Zugara takes pride at being the leading innovator in the Virtual Dressing Room space.  We lead because we understand retail and our DNA is based in strategic thinking. On the technical front, we are also computer vision experts and part of early-stage technology programs including Kinect 2.0 and Beacon.

We have key patents in the Virtual Dressing Room space that covers our technology today and in the future.  Our IP portfolio is growing every day as we continue to protect the innovations we develop for retail.

We hope as you review our site you’ll have a better understanding of our products and the passion behind them.  Please contact us for any questions or inquiries.

The Zugara Team