Zugara’s Virtual Dressing Room Products

Zugara has virtual dressing room technology optimized for multiple retail channels.  Our software works with regular webcams and Kinect, while also offering tablet integration for our Kiosk software.  Social sharing and analytics are fundamental to all of our virtual dressing room technologies to help increase purchase intent. To see the different versions of our software, please click menu above or read more details below.

Zugara's Virtual Dressing Room Products:

WSS For Web

WSS for Web is our virtual dressing room software optimized for ecommerce use that integrates with most major ecommerce platforms.

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WSS For Kiosks

WSS For Kiosks

WSS for Kiosks is our virtual dressing room software optimized with Kinect and used for events, in-store displays and out-of-home advertising.

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Virtual Style Sense

VSS For In-Store Retail

VSS is our virtual dressing room software optimized with Kinect and used with physical apparel and accessories in retail store environments.

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Read What Others Are Saying About Zugara's Virtual Dressing Room Products

  • Though hundreds or thousands of Augmented Reality products hit the market last year and a handful have been widely seen - many people still doubt the utility of this technology.  Zugara's approach seems to be one of the most clearly useful.–Marshall Kirkpatrick, ReadWriteWeb

  • We mentioned Zugara's neat augmented reality clothes shopping experiment before -- noting how could it could make online shopping by letting you try out virtual clothes.  Well, it's an experiment no more: Online fashion store Tobi has launched it for real.–Kit Eaton, Fast Company

  • She was able to "try on" the dress, using her computer screen as a sort of electronic mirror.  By gesturing, she operated the virtual controls, adjusting the garment's position, color and size, and then photographed herself to show friends.  In the end, she bought the dress: "Seeing it on helped me decide."–Fleur Britten, New York Times

  • Well, if anybody anywhere deserved a patent in this arena, it would be Zugara.  For years now, Zugara has been focused on dressing rooms like a laser beam in a dressing room.–Bruce Sterling, Wired

  • While the primary intention may be practical (a la the effect of horizontal stripes on my torso), I am more interested in the entertaining options. For example, what do I look like in a Barbie lame princess gown? Or a silk kimono? Or a floor length Oscar de la Renta? I may never get to attend the Oscar’s in real life, but I may be able to simulate what I would wear if I did.–Rebecca Grant, VentureBeat

  • Zugara did a great job implementing the Virtual Mirror for the Torero Store at the University of San Diego. Our state-of-the-art store is focused on the customer experience, so this interactive kiosk is a perfect addition.–Marji Drost, University of San Diego

  • We found the use of Zugara's images editor, including the saving of images herewith, extremely quick and simple. The icons such as the magic wand as well as the garment cropping facility are a breeze to work with. Scaling the garments to size using the relevant (male or female) templates are incredibly precise, effective and simple to use.–Kim Resnik, Virtuelle

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