The Webcam Social Shopper (WSS)

In 2009, Zugara debuted The Webcam Social Shopper (WSS) for retailers worldwide.  The WSS software allows a shopper to use their webcam as a magic mirror to try on items virtually.  WSS was developed with retailers in mind and offers easy integration of apparel assets.  View WSS features and retail examples below or click Visit Product Site for more info.

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Webcam Social Shopper Features:

Easy Integration

WSS for Web integrates in just a few hours, not months.


WSS for Web can seamlessly match the look and feel of your site.

Social Features

Facebook, Twitter & other sharing features are already integrated.

Robust Analytics

WSS for Web comes with tools to help you measure real ROI.

Webcam Social Shopper News & Featured Retailers:

Featured WSS Retailers
  • Mom&Me WSS Virtual Dressing Room Example - Thumbnail
    WSS for Web – Mom&Me (India)

Webcam Social Shopper Gallery Images:

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