Intellectual Property (i.e. “Patent”) Licensing


Zugara has a patent portfolio specific to the Augmented Reality and Virtual Dressing Room space. We have multiple patents in various stages – provisional, pending and granted. Below are the patents we’ve made available for licensing:


Patent #8,275,590 & #9,183,581

Summary: Providing a simulation of wearing items such as garments and/or accessories.

Who It’s For: This patent license is available for companies that would like to develop virtual dressing room simulations that allow people to view virtual items on themselves through a live video feed. This could be through a 2D camera, 3D camera (like Kinect) or other video input device where the virtual item tracks to the motion, position, and/or orientation of the user. Additional claims in the patent relate to purchasing, video conferencing and social network sharing through the virtual dressing room simulation.

Link To Patent #8,275,590

Link To Patent #9,183,581


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