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    Smithsonian Exhibits Zugara Virtual Dressing Room Technology

Zugara is a team of strategists, user experience designers and computer visions experts working to make computer interactions much more natural.  We leverage the power of gestures, voice and Augmented Reality to create innovative and compelling experiences for retailers and brands.

Zugara is passionate about transforming retail.  We are working on innovations that will power the future of commerce.

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Our Virtual Dressing Room technology is now available for the web, for kiosks and for in-store retail.

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Zugara creates customized, branded Augmented Reality and Natural User Interfaces for clients worldwide.

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We have a growing patent portfolio in the Augmented Reality and Natural User Interface space specific to retail.

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Trusted By Companies Worldwide

Zugara’s Virtual Dressing Room technology has been used by retailers and brands worldwide. Crayola, Aramark, University of San Diego, Museu do Futbol, PayPal, Mattel, and Mahindra Retail are just a few of the retailers and brands that have licensed Zugara’s Virtual Dressing Room technology.  View examples in our Virtual Dressing Room Products section.

Zugara has also created augmented reality and Kinect-based experiences for brands worldwide. Hungry Jack’s, Coach, Orange Silicon Valley, Purina, Nestle, Toyota, Olay, AT&T, and others have leveraged Zugara powered Augmented Reality experiences.  Learn more about these initiatives in our Branded Experiences section.

Read What Others Are Saying About Zugara
  • Though hundreds or thousands of Augmented Reality products hit the market last year and a handful have been widely seen - many people still doubt the utility of this technology.  Zugara's approach seems to be one of the most clearly useful.–Marshall Kirkpatrick, ReadWriteWeb

  • We mentioned Zugara's neat augmented reality clothes shopping experiment before -- noting how could it could make online shopping by letting you try out virtual clothes.  Well, it's an experiment no more: Online fashion store Tobi has launched it for real.–Kit Eaton, Fast Company

  • She was able to "try on" the dress, using her computer screen as a sort of electronic mirror.  By gesturing, she operated the virtual controls, adjusting the garment's position, color and size, and then photographed herself to show friends.  In the end, she bought the dress: "Seeing it on helped me decide."–Fleur Britten, New York Times

  • Well, if anybody anywhere deserved a patent in this arena, it would be Zugara.  For years now, Zugara has been focused on dressing rooms like a laser beam in a dressing room.–Bruce Sterling, Wired

  • Nestle employed AR development firm Zugara...together, both companies followed overall social media best practices, while managing to incorporate AR in a way that wasn't "scary" or cumbersome.–eConsultantcy

  • Zugara did a great job implementing the Virtual Mirror for the Torero Store at the University of San Diego. Our state-of-the-art store is focused on the customer experience, so this interactive kiosk is a perfect addition.–Marji Drost, University of San Diego