Augmented Reality Retail – 2014 Year in Review

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2014 was a banner year for Augmented Reality Retail.  2nd generation technologies were finally available leading to more exciting AR experiences across multiple retail channels. At Zugara, we had an exciting year working with Kinect 2, Beacons and Mobile AR apps utilizing geolocation and geofencing.

2014 included a mix of current AR technology deployments as well as exciting 2nd generation devices that will drive the future of AR & Retail.  Current AR technology evolved to allow for more creative, yet results driven executions including AR Penguins that increased visits to a location by 152%.  AR even established itself as the top mobile shopping tool selected by CPG shoppers.  Prominent AR brand initiatives included Coach’s mobile AR app that animated Peanuts characters on Coach bags and McDonald’s mobile AR program that changed french fries packaging into an interactive World Cup experience.

Coach and McDonald's Mobile Augmented Reality Examples

On the new device front, Google launched Project Tango bringing 3D camera functionality to retailers.  Kinect 2 also launched and now offers retailers opportunities with data and analytics that were never before possible.  As developers and brands focus on using AR for more innovative yet useful applications, AR is set to be huge in 2015.

As for Zugara, we had our most exciting year yet.  Early last year, we debuted our new Virtual Style Sense (VSS) technology for in-store retail with Samsung at NRF and RBTE.  Our Virtual Dressing Room software for events was featured in malls with Nokia.  And a few months ago, we debuted a new Kinect 2 version of our WSS for Kiosks software with the Phillies at Citizen’s Bank Stadium.  

Zugara Kinect Virtual Dressing Room Examples

As 2nd generation devices continue to gain adoption with both developers and consumers, 2015 is projected to be the start of an exciting era for retail innovation. The future of commerce is quickly becoming a reality for omni-channel retail.

For more information on Zugara’s virtual dressing room technologies, please click here.  Also feel free to contact us if you’re interested in custom Kinect or Mobile Augmented Reality applications.