HoloLens and The Future of Augmented Reality

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HoloLens Augmented Reaity Live Demo

Well today was a big announcement and huge step forward for Augmented Reality.  Microsoft announced the HoloLens as seen in the on stage demo above.  You can read more about the announcement and view the live demo here.  The actual HoloLens live demo pictured above starts at around the 1:37:00 mark.

Microsoft’s HoloLens has achieved what Google Glass could not – an immersive, interactive Augmented Reality environment.  Though Microsoft is calling these virtual objects “Holograms”, they are actually Augmented Reality objects viewed and interacted with through the HoloLens device.  The video embedded below is the marketing video for HoloLens that shows some of the Augmented Reality concepts the device hopes to achieve.

As for what’s conceptual versus reality at this point is unknown.  However, this Wired article paints a great picture of actual working demos for the HoloLens device.  At Zugara, not only have we been excited about Augmented Reality for quite awhile…we’ve also been planning for the day when Augmented Reality experiences could be collaborated on and shared with other individuals.  This is the future that the HoloLens will help bring to the masses and will be a huge leap forward for the Augmented Reality field.  We embedded our ZugSTAR video from 2010 below that shows how similar concepts shown in the HoloLens marketing video can be shared with others for an immersive and collaborate Augmented Reality experience.