Is 3D Projection Mapping Really Augmented Reality?

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Augmented Reality has become a term now that’s an umbrella of sorts, covering everything from gestural interaction to projection mapping.  AR has now gone beyond it’s literal definition of “animations in a live video feed”.  When the animations occur outside of a video feed (or mobile device), is it not still augmenting one’s view of reality?  Most projection mapping occurs under optimal circumstances (i.e. very dark areas so the projection can be seen) and is, at it’s core, an engagement mechanism (i.e. advertising).  However, it does appears that the technology is evolving for more beneficial uses for the consumer such as mapping features of a car in a showroom so a prospective buyer can see the technical and mechanical benefits – inside and out.

Wherever you fall on this thought, you can’t deny that 3D Projection Mapping is continuing to evolve with some very engaging examples.  The best two I’ve seen to date are for Lexus and Toyota…embedded below.