IVO – Interactive Virtual Object Engine For Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Environments

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IVO Demo Screenshot

We’ve just released a new 3D camera engine for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality environments called IVO. IVO stands for Interactive Virtual Object engine.  In the IVO demo, you can grab, position, scale, rotate and animate various 3D virtual objects using gestures. Specific gestural interactions with the various virtual 3D objects include:

  • Select and scale 3D virtual object
  • Hold and rotate 3D virtual object
  • Select and view digital overlay information for the 3D virtual object
  • Place 3D virtual objects into predefined animation sequence
  • Move and scale animation sequence with 3D virtual objects animated

We have embedded a short IVO intro video below.  We also have a longer video with more detailed IVO information that can be viewed here.

As shown in the IVO demo video, 3D virtual objects can be placed and interacted with within your physical space and in relation to your position.  This allows you to see different 3D virtual objects in front, near or behind you.  Animated effects can be added to the 3D virtual objects and you can also use a scene animation to see how all the 3D virtual objects will animate around you.  Though not shown in the video, 3D virtual objects can be sized in relation to your physical dimensions to give accurate sizing and dimensions to the 3D virtual objects in the defined physical space. IVO was designed for multiple use cases including interactive educational experiences for the classroom to visual presentations in the boardroom. IVO could also be used in various environments that utilize a 3D camera such as a museum display, event or storefront window.

Working within other Augmented Reality environments such as HoloLens and Virtual Reality environments like Oculus, it’s easy to see how important gestural commands will be when interacting with 3D virtual objects. In the past we have shown how shared Augmented Reality (and certain Virtual Reality platforms) will open up a new era of virtual object collaboration through our patent pending ZugSTAR technology (video embedded below).

The IVO engine is currently available for Kinect v2.  We are working to extend and expand support for AR and VR devices and platforms and offer access to our SDK for other developers.  If would like to discuss customization of the current IVO engine for a project, please contact us.