Juicy Juice Launches Two Augmented Reality Webcam Games

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We recently launched our second and third Augmented Reality projects for Nestle and thought you might be interested in some of the details. This time we were tasked with concepting and developing two unique advergames for Juicy Juice. Like our first project (for Nesquik), Juicy Juice was interested in creating unique advergames that people can play within their webcams by utilizing their motion to play the game rather than traditional controllers (i.e. the mouse and/or keyboard).

Below are some details on the project, but to give some context around motion-based casual gaming we think it’s helpful to keep the following data points in mind:

  • 1.3 billion people are on the Internet, and 510 million of them play casual games online. (link)
  • The Wii was the fastest selling console ever. (link)
  • Microsoft is selling Kinects faster than Apple sold iPads. (link)


GOAL/OBJECTIVE: To create two fun and non competitive advergames that will engage fans of Juicy Juice with the brand while educating them on the health benefits.

AUGMENTED REALITY SOFTWARE USED: Augmented Reality Motion Capture Software, “ZugMO”

KEY PROJECT DIFFERENTIATOR: No barriers to entry for the gamer:

  • Markerless – The gamer does not need to print or find a marker to engage with the Augmented Reality experience.
  • No Downloads – It’s built in Flash, so the gamer is not forced to download anything prior to playing, they can start interacting immediately.

SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION: Both games allow players to share their experiences (and photos) seamlessly on Facebook.

GAME SYNOPSIS #1: “Fruit Ensemble” is a rhythm based game where the player must use their hands to tap fruit (that appears randomly around them) in time with the music. Think “Whack-A-Mole”, only the “moles” appear in random places all around the player.

Juicy Juice- GamePhoto

GAME SYNOPSIS #2: “Fruit Mixer Studio” let’s people tap fruit to mix and record unique beats that can be saved to the desktop or downloaded as a mobile ringtone.


Both Augmented Reality games can be played here: http://bit.ly/fXvDCG

We’d love to get your thoughts on these games in the comment section below. But if you’d like to discuss how we can help your brand or agency to create strategic Augmented Reality executions, please don’t hesitate to email us at info (at) Zugara (dot) com.