PC Still Highest Conversion Rate For Ecommerce

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MarketingCharts recently released figures for Q1 2014 ecommerce conversion rates by device.  Not surprising is that PC still leads the way for conversions at 3.15%.  What is surprising is how low smartphone-based conversion rates continue to be.  In a previous eMarketer study, mcommerce was only projected to grow to 2.4% of all U.S. retail sales by 2018.  Though smartphones are becoming an increasing part of the omnichannel experience, the mcommerce experience for smartphones continues to lag both in adoption and conversion in the U.S.


Over the last few years, ecommerce conversion rates have typically resided in the 2-3% range – mostly from PC-based ecommerce.  Compared to in-store conversion rates that typically reside in the 20-40% range, ecommerce has still struggled to break into double digit conversion rate territory.  It is more likely that PC and tablet based commerce combined will achieve double digit conversion rates over the next few years as retailers continue to take advantage of shopper trends such as showrooming (going in-store to check on a product and then purchasing online.)  What will remain to be seen is how another growing trend, webrooming, will affect overall ecommerce sales across each device category.  If a consumer researches an item on their tablet or PC, then is driven in-store to purchase through their smartphone and location-based couponing, which channel will get the credit for the sale?