The Phillies Virtual Mirror Dresses Fans In Historical Jerseys

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Phillies Virtual Mirror Compilation Zugara’s WSS For Kiosks virtual dressing room software was recently optimized with Kinect for Windows v2.  Our first installation with Kinect v2 debuted with the Phillies Major League Baseball Team at Citizen’s Bank Stadium in Philadelphia.  Working with Topaz Tech and Pipeline Interactive, the Phillies Virtual Mirror utilized latest Kinect v2 technology to engage Phillies fans and drive in-stadium retail purchases. A few highlights of the Phillies Virtual Mirror include:

  • Over 50 Phillies baseball jerseys were available for fans to try on in the augmented reality experience.  Jerseys were featured from different historical periods throughout the Phillies 131-year MLB history.
  • Virtual historical stadium backgrounds were also integrated into the virtual dressing room experience to place fans in the respective jersey’s era.
  • Fans could share or email their photo via our WSS for Kiosks admin system available on the Microsoft Surface tablet.
  • Coupon codes for 25% off a jersey purchase in the stadium store were handed out to fans and attached digitally to images taken from the kiosk.

Utilizing the Kinect v2’s advanced hardware, our software can now better synchronize apparel assets to a body map, improve motion and gesture tracking and use background subtraction to insert high definition virtual background images. More information on WSS for Kiosks Virtual Dressing Room software with Kinect v2 can be found here.  To view all of Zugara’s Virtual Dressing Room products for the Web, for events and for in-store retail, please click here.