Virtual Dressing Rooms Rated Highest Augmented Reality Use Case For Retail Conversions

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Accenture Augmented Reality Retail Survey

Virtual Dressing Rooms were rated highest Augmented Reality use case for potential retail conversions in a recent Accenture survey.  The survey entitled, Life of the Digital Edge: How Augmented Reality Can Enhance Customer Experience and Drive Growth, can be viewed here (PDF).

Along with the interesting Augmented Reality use case survey results (pictured above), the entire study covers how the promise of Augmented Reality can drive new levels of customer engagement for retail.   Augmented Reality, at it’s core, is a technology that is suited well for engagement (and subsequent conversion).  However, seeing an Augmented Reality video doesn’t help to communicate the actual interaction with an Augmented Reality experience.  It’s a technology you have to see in person and interact with to fully realize it’s potential.  The Accenture survey also points out this lack of interaction with Augmented Reality technology by survey respondents:

Accenture Augmented Reality Retail Survey  - Technology Awareness

Given almost 60% of survey respondents haven’t actually seen or interacted with an Augmented Reality experience in person, it’s not difficult to grasp why there’s been lack of adoption of Augmented Reality for retail.

At Zugara, we’ve often noticed this disconnect between watching consumers have a great, engaging time with Augmented Reality vs. the retailers that ask if their consumers would ‘get’ the technology.  Back in 2012, we recorded consumer reactions at the Barbie Dream Closet event at Fashion Week to help retailers see the engagement levels.  And throughout the years, we’ve seen consumer engagement grow not only with Augmented Reality Retail-based Virtual Dressing Rooms, but other augmented reality experiences with Kinect and mobile.

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