eMarketer Predicts Augmented Reality Will Drive Ecommerce Growth

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Yesterday I participated in an eMarketer webinar on “The Future of US Retail Ecommerce” and I wanted to draw your attention to one of their predictions: Ecommerce will outperform in-store sales over the next few years.  And according to eMarketer, one of the factors driving that growth is Augmented Reality, which they label as a “sophisticated merchandising technique”.  Of course as some of you may know, here at Zugara we’re just “a touch bullish” on Augmented Reality’s ...

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Teen Girls View Shopping As Entertainment

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eMarketer recently had an interview with Catherine Moellering who runs the Tobe Report, a fashion industry publication that forecasts trends.  There were a few important insights on Teen Girls and their shopping habits that are listed below:

  • Teen girls are motivated by what their peers are doing and what they’re wearing
  • You have to find a way to engage this consumer (teen girls) and keep her involved beyond sales promotions and coupons
  • It’s really ...
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Microsoft’s Advances With The NUI

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Fascinating video from Kinect Hacks showing what Microsoft’s been working on with Natural User Interfaces (NUI). How soon this will be a reality is unknown, but it’s definitely making the future look that much cooler…


Augmented Reality – What Marketer’s Need To Know

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This is an op-ed written by Matthew Szymczyk, CEO of Zugara, that was originally published in AdAge on February 28, 2011. The entire article can be found here.  You can also read the full article below:

Augmented reality — that’s just one of the latest marketing catchphrases, right?

The traditional definition of augmented reality, or AR, refers to the overlay of digital information on a live video feed. If you’ve watched an NFL game on TV and ...

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