Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Accelerating Evolution Of User Interface Interaction

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Deloitte recently released it’s 2016 Tech Trends Report which had a section devoted to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the evolution of user interface design and interaction. The report “identifies eight trends that are likely to disrupt businesses in the next 18-24 months – from blockchain to augmented reality, ...

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Mobile-Smart for Retail…Not Mobile-First

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This article first appeared on LinkedIn July 15th, 2014.  You can read the original article here.

A recent Techcrunch article entitled, Software Entrepreneurs Must Go Mobile-First or Die, argued that due to growing mobile usage, it’s imperative that startups focus on addressing the mobile segment first. Despite the sensationalistic headline, mobile usage is growing but at different levels across various use cases ...

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Intelligent Dressing Rooms & Interactive Mirrors Influence Gen Y Shopping Experience (STUDY)

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Motorola recently released a very detailed and informative study covering technology and it’s impact on online and offline retail.  The 2014 Motorola Solutions Shopping Study covers topics including:

  • Retail technology that shoppers felt would influence their shopping experience (broken down by Generation)
  • Online, mobile and in-store technologies and ...
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Augmented Reality & Retail – Don’t Believe The Hype (Presentation)

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For those of you that weren’t able to make it the Augmented Reality Event, we wanted to share Matt’s presentation from yesterday (5/8).  Titled “The Augmented Reality Retail Hype Cycle 2012”, Matt discussed the market viability and realities of several AR retail triggers within today’s marketplace (not 5 years from now), including: smart-phones, in-store kiosks (OOH), tablets, web and the digital living room.

We’d love ...

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Two Reasons We’re Not On The HTML5 Bandwagon

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Much is written about HTML5 being the savior of interactive production. And one day, it may be. But the fact is that that day is not today.

To be clear, we don’t have any loyalties or ties when it comes to the technology we use – we’re not tied to any proprietary platform or the like. Our goal as an augmented reality software developer is simple: Continue Reading →