Augmented Reality Is Poised To Improve Telemedicine: Orange Silicon Valley Introduces “Project DocPAL”

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The whole team here at Zugara is very excited to finally be able to tell you about an R&D project we partnered with Orange Silicon Valley on: “Project DocPAL”, an augmented reality telemedicine system that uses natural user interfaces, Interactive Voice Recording, and other innovative technologies to help improve the quality of doctor patient consultations (please see the video below).

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Online Retailer’s Conversion Rates Up Nearly 5x Thanks To Augmented Reality

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As we noted last week, we’re going to work to share as much data as we can from retailers that license our ecommerce augmented reality software, the Webcam Social Shopper (WSS).

Today we’re only sharing one stat, but it’s pretty compelling one (we think):  Banana Flame has seen conversions on the “add to cart” button skyrocket from 1.16% to 5.38% since our Webcam Social Shopper was integrated. That means roughly five times as many ...

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