Augmented Reality Increases Visits To Aquarium

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Augmented Reality Penguins

We always like to share Augmented Reality data we come across and this is another results-driven use of AR.  From

It is not particularly easy to locate the Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo anymore. This 35-year-old facility noticed a significant drop in attendance over the last couple years, and the biggest reason for this, according to the Aquarium, was the volume of distractions that made it difficult to just stumble upon the facility and spend a day there. To solve this problem, an augmented reality (AR) app was built to help would-be Aquarium visitors locate the facility by giving very clear directions to the facility. Unlike every other GPS app out there, however, this app worked by having a team of penguins lead you to the facility.”

This is a great example of using Augmented Reality to provide engagement that results in conversions.  The engagement part is unique in how the brand experience of the Aquarium is part of the AR experience, and the conversion is the 152% increase in Aquarium visits as a result from using the app (and following Augmented Reality Penguins).  You can view a video of the app below and you can also view other Augmented Reality results and data here.