Crayola Debuts Multiple Augmented Reality Technologies At New Theme Park

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Last month, Crayola officially opened the Crayola Experience Theme Park in Orlando, Florida.  The Crayola Experience features many new and exciting digital technologies geared towards children and creativity.  The most exciting part though? Crayola debuted 3 different Augmented Reality-based experiences including a new 3D Virtual Dressing Room simulation.

Crayola Experience You Design

The first AR experience, You Design, features Zugara’s WSS for Kiosks technology and the Kinect 2.  You Design includes 6 Kinect kiosk displays and 6 iPad stations where children can color/design their own dress or car selected from available templates. The child-colored image of the dress or car is then scanned at an iPad station and the color texture of the dress is applied to a 3D model the child can virtually wear and interact with in real-time.  The experience also features virtual backgrounds and animations children can add to their virtual scene that can then be printed and purchased for their own unique Crayola You Design photo keepsake.

An additional You Design experience involves scanning the child-colored car or dress templates that are then projected into an animated, virtual environment.  Children can watch their custom colored dress creations modeled on the runway or watch their custom colored car animate on a track.  Digital Funk Machine and Little Orbit collaborated with Zugara on the You Design experience and were responsible for the iPad image detection and virtual reality portion of the You Design experience.

Crayola Experience You Design 2

Crayola You Design Attraction with Virtual Dressing Room

Additional Augmented Reality experiences at the Crayola Experience Orlando include Daqri’s Color Magic software that was paired with HP’s Sprout to bring life to custom-colored 3D imagery and GestureTek’s Art Alive experience that utilizes motion-based video wall interaction.

Crayola Augmented Reality Experiences_AA_CM

You can view more images and videos of the You Design experience along with the other AR experiences in Gallery Images below.  We’ll be updating this section on the blog throughout the coming weeks.

Video of the Crayola Experience and other digital experiences can be found on news coverage here.

This is an exciting landmark for Augmented Reality adoption and coincides with a recent market research report from Digi-Capital that projected the AR market to reach $120 billion in revenue by 2020.  As noted in the report, one of the segments of AR adoption will be with theme parks…which we’re getting a head start on today!