Microsoft’s Position On Kinect Hacks

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Every since the Microsoft Kinect came out, we’ve seen some talented individuals create some pretty amazing hacks demonstrating what the system is really capable of.  Recently though, we’ve started to see “Commercial Hacks”, that is businesses hacking the system to create in store experiences for their consumers.  I just wanted to point out real quick,  (before you rush out and create your own hack) that these executions do not have Microsoft’s blessing.  From an article in the Telegraph:

A Microsoft spokesman said: “While we are aware of hobbyists and third parties taking advantage of raw data to explore the exciting possibilities of Kinect for Xbox 360 for themselves, we do note, however, that any of these uses of Kinect for Xbox 360 are not licensed or authorized by Microsoft.”

Don’t worry, rumor has it that a commercial SDK will be available later this year… but, at this point it does seem to be only a rumor…