The ROI Of Ecommerce Augmented Reality Software – Data From A Retail Execution

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A few weeks ago, we integrated our Ecommerce Augmented Reality Software into every product detail page on Banana Flame’s site. Now, data is obviously important to our business, but it’s our position that it’s also important to the entire Augmented Reality community. “It’s cool, but where’s the ROI? Do you have any data?” is something everyone that works with AR has heard. Unfortunately, most companies are tight-lipped about the numbers they’re seeing. Which is a shame, because as an industry it’s data that will help us to drive past being seen (by others) as a “gimmick”. It’s data that turns potential clients into “buyers”, and it’s data that gives investors the confidence to “open their checkbooks”…

So, we thought we’d do our part and share some early data from our Banana Flame execution.

Banana Flame’s Site With The Webcam Social Shopper (WSS)

  • Unique visitors are up 841%.
  • Unique visitors that add an item to their cart are up 182%.

Some Engagement Metrics For WSS (On Banana Flame):

  • The average shopper spends 5 min 08 secs with WSS.
  • 39% of shoppers click on the WSS “See How It Looks” button (on the product detail page).
  • 45% of shoppers that use WSS take a photo.
  • 17% of shoppers that take a photo download it to share via email.
    • does not include Facebook or Twitter sharing.
  • The average shopper takes 3 photos.
  • 79% of shoppers allow flash to access their webcam.
  • 2% of shoppers deny flash’s access to their webcam.
  • 75% of shoppers actively use WSS’s Motion Capture Interface.

Please feel free to share this data with anyone that might be interested, and do keep an eye on this blog too. Since the launch of Banana Flame we’ve signed several new clients and we plan on using this platform to share as much data as we can.

As always, if you want to discuss, please comment below or you can find me on twitter here.