WSS for Kiosks – Latest Features and Enhancements

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WSS for Kiosks 3D Shirt Example 1 WSS for Kiosks 3D Shirt Example 3

3D model support and virtual background subtraction are some of the new and exciting features for Zugara’s WSS for Kiosks Virtual Dressing Room Platform. During 2015, we added new features for WSS client use cases such as MLB, Crayola, University of San Diego and others. We have now standardized most of these new features and enhancements into the WSS for Kiosks Platform:

3D Item Support

WSS for Kiosks has always supported 3D, but we have now standardized 3D support with 2D support on the same platform.  Through our admin interface, you can now add either 2D or 3D items for display on the WSS for Kiosk user interface.  You can also view 2D/3D support in action here.

Virtual Background Support

Throughout 2014 and 2015, we’ve been testing different virtual background subtraction algorithms with the Kinect 2.  Virtual background subtraction allows you to remove the real-world live feed of the user and replace it with an image or animation.  Virtual background images can now be added through our admin and assigned to either a collection and/or item.  As an example, through the admin you can select beachwear (Collection) – bikini (Item) and then select a beach background image to show virtually as the user views a virtual bikini on themselves.  In the image example above, you can see the person wearing a virtual polo shirt in a virtual oval room background image.

Admin System

As part of our software licensing, we allow access to the WSS for Kiosks admin system.  The admin system powers all information and content that is displayed on the WSS for Kiosks interface.  The admin is also web-based so can be accessed via a tablet or laptop when operating the WSS for Kiosk unit.

For the admin system, we have made many major enhancements over the last few months which now include:

  • Collection / Item assignment.  Now you have the ability to create collections and assign individual items to a collection that appear in the WSS for Kiosks item selection carousel.  This is similar to how ecommerce sites are structured and display content (i.e. Outwear – Jackets).
  • Language Support / Localization.  Our admin now allows you to select directly from the admin interface a language you want all admin content to be localized for.  Once selected, any localized content on the admin will also appear on the WSS for Kiosks user interface including welcome message, instructional messages and virtual item information and content.
  • Analytics.  Our previous analytics feature allowed you to access raw analytics information including number of items viewed, time viewed for a specific item, etc.  We have now updated the analytics to display graphs to better visualize analytics data.
  • Documentation.  We now have updated documentation which goes into detail on how to use the admin and setup the WSS for Kiosks system.  You do not have to be technical to setup WSS for Kiosks and our documentation will help walk you through the process.

These are just a few of the recent enhancements we’ve made to the WSS for Kiosks platform.  We have other features planned that we’ll be releasing information on via our blog throughout 2016.

If you have any questions on Zugara’s WSS for Kiosks Virtual Dressing Room platform, you can contact us.  You can also view WSS for Kiosks sales deck here and WSS for Kiosks general info (including pricing) here.